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Hehe, nice one!

I love macs, though i believe in the best of both worlds, Nice to see a parody on macs, though it does seem to bring out the childish mac-haters out there! Can see where your point comes form, i expected something much more simple from the title and was pleasantly surprised by this! :D Nice ideas :D Scary rainbow man! =p

Tehe, kinda nice work :D

So its short, and loopage is involved, but its a kinda nice, kinda amusing piece of work, what you have is well made and its seems like it is what you intended it to be, and from reading your comments on comments, you seem like a nice guy, 10/10 ^^ (ps. lol at noobs who think they know what animation is and what newgrounds is about yet strangely have no uploaded videos themselves =D )

TheBoogley responds:

Not only do I seem nice, I am nice. And a little conceited :3

Nice stuff

Its a nice response to the advert, hehe, it gets a 10 for the turtle!!! :D :D

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hikuihito responds:


Neither here nor there

The first piece was fantastic, and it somewhat set an expected standard that all the other pieces didnt live up to. If you're going to do a comilation I would expect some standards so that you're not just proping up people who's animation is half hearted and dragging down those whos work is geniuinely good. Also not really that exciting because it dragged on and its a bit of a dead topic unless you can do something really original. Ie the first piece of animation. Not a bad try but it doesn't deserve front paging, not when a lot of it makes fun of other artists, thats just not right.

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Nice work ^^

Its nice to see maya on newgrounds, very refreshing, i liked the story, good use of camera movement and modeling and i pressume paint effects ^^ generally a nice little piece!

orb responds:

Thanks, but fyi I didn't use any paint effects ;P

Brilliant Stuff!

I've watched this several times since it was posted and realised i had never stopped to say how brilliant i think it is. Its a true example of the beautiful animation that can be created using flash and outdoes anything else i've ever seen on newgrounds. Amazing stuff, the story and characters are all pretty random but the stories are actually understandable if you take into account the randomness :D Just entirely brilliant! Cant wait for more from the brackenwood world!

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Excellent piece of work

Perhaps a bit too deep for some folk on newgrounds but i really enjoyed it. Didnt have a clue what was going on in any of it, but the emotion really comes through. The music suits it really nicely too. Really nicely done, brilliant for a first animation =) keep up the good work =)

Brilliant briliant brilliant!!

Excellent animation, music, voices, everything. Love the story and the humour is really good, very funny!! Wonderful!!

Not a bad try

I think that some people have been overly critical, it was a nice idea but could use improvement. For example you could have less going on in the background try to focus more on the setting, maybe put the set somewhere emptier instead of your bedroom. I would agree that to improve the quality of the animation you would need to use more photos, it takes longer but it looks a lot better =) Nonetheless a good try =)

haha take that pc users!

Really nice, sooo true haha, mac is great, no blue screen of death =D. Liked the animation and some nice ideas =)

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